I Found the Lost Dutchman Mine!

NO not me, I did NOT find the lost mine, I just used that title to get your attention.  So you found the infamous Lost Dutchman’s gold mine! Congratulations to you!

Amazingly, someone is claiming they found the lost Dutchman’s gold mine quite frequently – and in modern times, rarely do they have even a SPECK of gold to show for it! It is supposed to be a GOLD mine after all, and reputedly one of the richest in the world – you should expect to show at least a little gold from this famous gold mine if you want people to believe you really found it.


I get a lot of flack for this next bit, but you should get a sample of your gold ore tested against a known specimen from the Lost Dutchman mine.  Not just an assay or spectrographic analysis, although both of these tests do result in some information, but an ore comparison, done by a qualified geologist.  This involves examining the actual minerals that make up the ore and country rock hosting it, which will result in a scientific method of proving that your gold mine is THE lost Dutchman’s gold mine IF the ore matches identically in its mineral makeup.   I get a lot of grief from guys that insist that this would not prove anything, that you can get similar ore from other mines, but you will never get identical ore from a different mine because gold mines are like fingerprints in that no two ores are identical in their make up.  And you should get a geologist to do this comparison, for even a well seasoned prospector could be fooled, as has happened in recent years with some ore that a prominent person in the Dutch hunters community claimed was from the LDM.  <LDM being short for Lost Dutchman’s Mine>

Now let us assume you have done this and got an exact match.  It has been done before, for example with the lost Breyfogle mine (now known as the Amargosa mine) which was an exact match, and with the lost Josephine mine.  So let the skeptics howl about how such a match does not prove anything, a geologist will tell you differently.   These people that insist that such a scientific method won’t prove anything, may be trying to pretend that they found the LDM or some friends of theirs did, but even they know they have not found the real LDM or they would not be worried about having an ore comparison done.

So what is your next step?  If you were only hunting the mine to ‘solve the mystery’ and – or claim the transitory honors/glory of having been the one to finally solve the mystery, you merely have to contact the news media and go from there.  They will want some solid proof, or maybe not, depending on which news media you are talking to.  It won’t help your case to post your claim to glory on treasure forums, for there you will find lots of people ready and willing to try to shoot down your claims.  I am guilty of that myself, for it gets tiresome to have so many people all claiming to have found what is now the most famous lost gold mine, and never have any gold to show for it, or if they do have gold, refuse to have an ore comparison done.  If you read through some of the older postings on such a forum, you will find several hundred different people that all claimed to have found the LDM, and of course NO gold to show for it, but in several hundred different places too.  But don’t bother to try to get your desired recognition from a treasure forum or other internet discussion groups, these are not the right venue to seek out fame and fortune; you need to approach the major news media.  I don’t mean your local newspaper either.


If you plan to open the mine up and start mining gold, you may have some steep hurdles if the mine is within the Superstitions Wilderness Area.  That area is closed to mineral entry, meaning you can not stake a claim on it inside those boundaries.  You may try it, file your claim, and then hire a lawyer because you are in for a long and pointless fight with government bureaucrats, along with elitist protectionist groups that the aforementioned bureaucrats seem to be working for, all of whom will do everything in their power to prevent you from ever opening up that mine and getting some gold out of it.  It is not impossible however, there ARE a few ways you MAY win out, one method that is being used by big mining companies is to purchase lands that the elitist protectionists want to add to a wilderness area or national park or monument, and offer to exchange those lands for the land where the gold mine is located.  In other words it takes a heap of money to try this approach.  Another way might be to use the Wilderness Act’s provisions and your best evidence of the mine, to get that particular piece of land removed from Wilderness designation due to the Wilderness Act having a restriction in that mineralized lands were NOT supposed to be included within the boundaries of any Wilderness Area.  This would then require you to file your claim of course, immediately when the Wilderness status was removed from that small parcel of land where the mine is located, and of course this method is very far from a certainty to win, but it MIGHT work.  Be prepared for loads of red tape, obstructionism, perhaps even staged protests by those elitist protectionists to try to get the public to be against you.


Or you can just take your chances, and try mining it illegally.  Doing so will absolutely guarantee that if you are ever caught, all the gold you find will be seized and taken from you, along with possibly your vehicle, your home, any kind of equipment or arms you took along for protection, and you will likely spend years in state or Federal prison to boot.  But you will be able to keep 100% of your gold this way, if you don’t get caught.  You stand a very good chance of getting caught, for the trailhead parking lots are monitored, there are hidden cameras set up in a few places in the Wilderness Area, and if you told anyone at all about what you found, they will almost certainly turn you in.  Also anyone that sees you working at the mine, or hiking out with gold, will be sure to turn you in.  So if you are considering this route of action, be prepared to accept the consequences when you do get caught.  They may even wait until you are home with millions of dollars worth of gold, before they bring in the SWAT teams to make a spectacle out of your arrest.   Oh and working at night?  That will really attract attention, and remember the Feds have night vision devices galore.  So think twice before you go this route.


I have seen quite a few people propose that they could file a Treasure Trove claim on the lost gold mine, and believe that would give them ownership (legally) of one half of all the gold.  This is a very mistaken belief, for a gold mine is not covered by Treasure Trove law, nor is the gold ore itself, should you be lucky enough to find a stash of it.  Only smelted, refined gold (and precious metals) coins, bars, or jewelry are really covered by Treasure Trove claims.  So don’t waste your time on that, for it will NOT give you ANY legal rights to the gold or the mine.  Only a mining claim would do, or an exchange of real estate in which case you would own the land and minerals outright.  So don’t waste time on filing a Treasure Trove claim.

Anyway congratulations to you, if you really found the LDM, or if you found a rich gold mine that was NOT the LDM, for really who cares what the name of a gold mine is, isn’t the gold what will result in money in the bank after all?   I wish you the best of luck in getting your new gold mine up and in operation, and hope that you will sell me a small specimen of the ore from your mine.  I will be watching the news for when they announce your big find, hope that I helped you in some small way.


Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.







~ by Oroblanco on November 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “I Found the Lost Dutchman Mine!”

  1. now i know why you asked me how important it is for me that it is the ldm… but it isnt the fame or the gold. imagine you solve a puzzle but no one knows the right solution. it makes you crazy that you dont get an answer. so what can you do? i think… show the way you solved it and let the others confirm it. i think someone like you (a person that invest much time in the legend) will check it, cause you want also answers.

  2. Hola amigo Andre – I hope you are considering to have an ore comparison done. If the ore comparison results showed an exact match for the known Dutchman ore specimens, you then have a very strong case to present. I hope that you are contacting the major news media as well, for that is the correct way to get the recognition for having ‘solved the puzzle’ so to speak.

    If you read through the older posts on that treasure forum you will find MANY others have also claimed to have solved it and found the lost Dutchman mine. Note also that almost none have any gold to show at all. One group has indirectly shown gold ore, which unfortunately does not match known Dutchman ore specimens, namely the famous ‘Pit’ mine story.

    Good luck and good hunting Andre, and sorry but no I won’t be going there to check out your claims. I only get a limited amount of time to be in Arizona each year, and have other things that I spend my time on. But I do wish you the best of luck, and surely someone that lives close by and does not mind if he or she goes on a wild goose chase will be happy to go and check out your site. Not saying you would send someone on a wild goose chase but that also has happened many times, unfortunately, which makes many treasure hunters very leery of going hiking out to check anyone’s site and especially when done over the internet, which often leaves the identity of the person hidden.

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