The Lost Stone Cabin

One of the lesser known lost mines of the Black Hills is the Lost Stone Cabin mine.

The sources are sketchy on this lost mine, but the basic story is that an old prospector got lucky up in the Bear Lodge district, in the northern end of the Black Hills. He had found a rich gold deposit that looked to be a lifetime’s worth of work but would make him a very rich man. The area did not have much timber so he built a small but substantial stone cabin close to the mine, so that he would be able to survive the harsh winters at his mine in some comfort, and provide some protection against hostile Indians in case he should be attacked at his mine.

The old prospector then made a trip to town to purchase supplies for the winter, and on returning, could not find his own mine or his cabin! He searched for a while and becoming desperate, headed for Deadwood to enlist aid in locating his own mine. He managed to gather a group of helpers to return to the Bear Lodge with him and hunt for his mine, but they were un-successful in finding either the mine or the cabin. The search party broke up and returned to Deadwood.

The old man made a number of repeated attempts to locate his mine again, and never was able to find it. Finally he drifted out of the area and I could find no trace of where he went.

The Bear Lodge gold district of northeastern Wyoming is not known for rich gold veins, in fact most gold deposits of that area have proved to be small in extent and hardly economic to work. However the geology does not rule out the possibility of a rich vein (or more than one) could exist there, as the old man claimed – and he had gold to sell when he came into town, which had to come from somewhere. It only makes sense that he would not have made up such a story as to lose his own mine, and then to proceed to go back in search of it time and again.

Somewhere in the remote canyons of the Bear Lodge of northeastern Wyoming, the old stone cabin is probably still standing, waiting for some lucky treasure hunter to find it, and rediscover the rich gold mine with it.

Good luck and good hunting to you amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.

Lost Gold, Mildred Fielder
US Treasure Atlas, Vol 10, Thomas Terry,
The Black Hills Weekly Pioneer, Deadwood City, Dakota Territory

~ by Oroblanco on February 12, 2014.

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