President John F. Kennedy assassination

Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president Kennedy, which took place in Dallas Texas on November 22nd, 1963.

For decades, we have been told that the lone nut assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald, whom supposedly fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, three rounds from an Italian army surplus Mannlicher-Carcano, caliber 6.5mm. The gun found on that floor of the Book Depository was that make, and three empty cartridges were found near the window – and one live round was the chamber.

Why have all of our major news media continued to press this lie upon the public?

Oswald was seen on the second floor of that building, minutes before the shooting, in the lunch room apparently eating lunch, and seen by a second witness in the same location minutes after the shooting, now with a fresh bottle of soda pop that he was drinking. The rifle itself cannot have been the weapon used to kill the president on several grounds. Firstly, the Mannlicher-carcano cannot be loaded with more than one round at a time without the inclusion of a stripper clip, which is a small metal clip that holds the rounds in the magazine – without it, you must load one round at a time by hand into the chamber. No stripper clip was found when the evidence was collected, and anotehr interesting point about the stripper clip is that when you cycle the last round in it, into the chamber, the stripper clip falls out of the bottom of the rifle. Yet no stripper clip is listed on the evidence found on the sixth floor. In fact ten years later, when people had started raising issues about it, then a stripper clip is added to the evidence. Then there is the scope on the gun – it was broken! Now maybe it is possible to shoot a gun accurately with a busted scope, but there is yet another problem, that is that the scope was not even sighted in. In fact, the government investigators had to add two metal shims to the scope to even get it sighted in, to perform their tests! NO ONE could have made those shots, from a sixth floor window at a moving target, through the leaves of live oak trees that partially blocked the view of the presidential limousine.

Even if you stick oto the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin, which any decent defense lawyer could have easily proven him innocent, then the murder was the work of our own American Intelligence Agencies! Oswald was a Marine, but he had been quietly entered into a fake Communist defector program, even got training in the Russian language, and has links to the Office of Naval Intelligence and CIA. Even the FBI caught it that there were problems with Oswald well before the assassination, as a memo from none other than Hoover himself stated that someone else was using Oswald’s passport and birth certificate in the USA. Then there is his fake defection – how could he have pulled such a stunt, then be allowed back into the USA, and not just himself but his Russian wife as well?

Oswald knew Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, former FBI spook Guy Bannister and possibly Clay Shaw as well; in fact he was “working” out of the same building as Guy Bannister’s secret anti-Cuban program was being run when Oswald was in the staged scene of a fight for having passed out pro-Castro leaflets.

Then what abotu motieve? Lee Harvey Oswald had NO motive for killing JFK. According to several of the conspirators, JFK was killed for being a Communist, the very thing Oswald was being set up to appear to be. Oswald “confessed” to having attempted to assassinate General Erwin Walker, a Fascist. Why would a Communist sympathizer, wish to kill a Communist sympathizing president? It makes no sense.

Some of the conspirators are still alive and could be prosecuted. Why will no law enforcement investigators press forward and prsoecute them? The Congressional investigation into the JFK assassination concluded that it was almost ertainly a conspiracy, yet our news media continues to prattle on with the Warren Commission fairy tale. Jim Garrison, so far the only one to ever prosecute any of the conspirators, was publicly attacked and ridiculed, his character assassinated in an attempt to silence his investigation. Would we stand by and say nothing, if this were a case of some person that murdered a person of another race? Yet we are stalled, frozen and impotent to do anything about one of the greatest disgraces to our nation in all history.

Thank you to all of you whom have pressed on in investigating this assassination, in the face of official stonewalling, ridicule and even personal danger, as we saw with the case of nationally famous reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, whom had interviewed Jack Ruby and announced that she would “blow the lid off” the case, only to be murdered, and both copies of her notes vanished even though one copy was kept with a trusted friend, whom also died mysteriously within two days of Kilgallen’s death. Don’t give up, researchers, slowly the truth is coming out, and even our news media will have to admit it one day.

I highly recommend a book for anyone interested in the JFK assassination – “They Killed Our President” by former governor Jesse Ventura, with the assistance of Dick Russell and David Wayne. In it, he presents 63 different proofs that it was a conspiracy and that Oswald could not have been the killer. Vincent Bugliosi should be ashamed to be the current mouthpiece publicly protecting the conspirators still living, by his defense of their fictional lone-nut assassin theory.

It has been fifty years since that tragic day; high time that some of the vicious men who plotted and executed a coup detat in America should pay for their crimes.


~ by Oroblanco on November 22, 2013.

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