Epitaph for Old Treasurenet Forum, R.I.P.

Rest In Peace Old Treasurenet

Rest In Peace old Treasurenet Forum

So long old friend

The largest and what was the best site on the internet for talking with fellow treasure hunters and prospectors has gone through a change of ownership and a major metamorphosis, but not a positive one.

With over 32,000 members, Treasurenet was the most popular treasure forum on the internet for some time.  I had joined it about 1995, but after a couple of years left it due to the hostile attitude of a couple of members, but those members were thrown out and I re-joined the site in 2005.  I do not hesitate to confess that I spent many an evening reading the fascinating and entertaining posts from our fellow treasure hunters, and swapped stories and great information.  More than once, an evening visit to Treasurenet to catch up on the latest treasure gossip was a high point on an otherwise dark day.  In that membership were many very experienced and knowledgable experts, most of them happy to offer helpful advice for the asking.

We knew that the site was likely to get sold as the owner needed to sell it, but never expected that anyone would “kill the goose that lays the golden egg” for a site that is SO popular and has many thousands of visitors, generates income from advertising and some of the members even paid for a ‘charter’ sort of membership.  We were in that last category.  It would not have been a great surprise to see some changes made, but not the complete change that was done – for the new owners pulled the plug on the site, left it down for a day or so, then put it back up online under a completely different operating system known as “V-bulletin” which is the one used by most forums on the internet.  No polls or survey questionnaires had been sent to the members to find out if they liked the old system or would they prefer a new one, or what features or functions they liked or disliked, just suddenly one night it is gone, then reappears as a different creature entirely.

The old forum operating system was known as “phpBB” <I believe>  and is open source, meaning that if you are a capable programmer, you can make modifications to the operating system to suit the needs or wishes of your customers, or in this case members.  Did the buyers not notice that the operating system and format on Treasurenet was different from all the rest, and the huge membership?   Couldn’t they see a connection there, that the operating system the new owners hate so much, might have been one of the main attractions for the members and visitors because it was SO easy to use?

Probably they could see that and knew it, for they openly stated they were confident they would not lose more than one to three percent of the members and new ones would replace them, so the old ‘true blue’ members were really just a number in an equation for them with no more meaning or factor than the number in a telephone number.  The new owners do not know the members (nor vice versa) and did not make any effort to get to know them; from what I can judge, they do not appear to be treasure hunters or prospectors, nor arrowhead hunters or bottle diggers, not coin roll hunters or armchair adventurers – they are what is popularly termed “technogeeks” who like forums for the computing challenge not for talking with treasure hunters.  The members and their wants simply do not matter to them, unless it is some widget in their beloved V-bulletin system that they can then tweak and diddle.

I can only speak for myself, and did not like the new format and system at first glance but thought I would give it a little time, maybe the new owners would see this is a mistake and go back, or at least change the format enough to come as close to duplicating the old, user friendly and easy system as was possible.  I noticed that some other members were posting grumbles and complaints, which the new administrators and moderators seemed to be scrambling to correct and adjust – but only where it involved tweaking some part of the new format, not replacing the popular tools found in the old system.  When we asked what was so wrong with the old phpBB system, we were told that it “had to go some where” and was so bad, so insecure.  I did not catch the lies they were giving at first, but when I asked them about one of the main functions that I used a great deal (and did not realize how much, before that moment) a tool that would allow you to pull up a list of all the threads that you had posted in which had gotten new posts in ONE click called “new replies” or “unread replies” the new owners and managers had no idea what I was even talking about.  They did not know it because they had never even tried the old system they had killed and said was so horrible.  Hmm.

Then the nasty and sarcastic remarks from the supporters of the new owners toward any member that made a complaint started to grate on me; for in the supporters view, if you love the new format they were happy, if you hate it then you must not be smart enough to run a remote for your TV.  Not a great public relations method for dealing with unhappy customers.  Apparently the new owners are not aware of the old principle of KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid –  for they have quite a complicated system for the users now.  That attitude and crystal clear policy from the new ownership, that we members have to either love it or leave it because they have killed the old and widely popular Treasurenet and refuse to even consider the idea of returning to the popular format really rubbed me the wrong way.

The new owners and moderators repeatedly kept saying “give us more time” or “wait a week” but then I noticed they admitted that no more changes were going to be made, period.  The repeated requests for “more time” are just a game, waiting for the members to “get used to it” or get left behind as they said in so many words, not a time period for them to try to undo the giant mistake of changing the format and system.  I guess we were supposed to be stupid and not see the game.

Probably I should have simply quit the forum outright, but if I do, I will lose contact with a large number of friends.  So I left my membership active only so I can have a way to keep in touch with those friends, but will certainly not renew a charter membership and just as certainly will not spend much time there, as I find myself getting angry at just trying to find the various discussions that I was interested in and participating in.   The all new Treasurenet is definitely not the old animal, not by a long shot – it is more complex, much more fiddling and diddling with the settings and controls are involved just to use it, and some of us have only limited amounts of time to be online.  I don’t need to go to a treasure forum to get angry and frustrated.  I don’t think that I am the only member feeling much the same way either.

If you would live to visit the all new Treasurenet, here is the link;


I can’t recommend it for anything but headache or heartburn, but if you love to fiddle with lots and lots of settings and tweak adjustments, it may be fun for you.  If you want to try to have a discussion that is treasure related however, brace yourself for a lot of aggravation.

There are other treasure forums of course, some are pretty good – thunting.com looks like it might fill the ticket for treasure hunters, or the old Lost Dutchman Gold Mine forum that seemed to have gone less active in recent years may revive with interest and new members.  Lost Treasure magazine has a forum again too, so there is hope for us treasure hunters to have places where we can swap tall stories or ask questions and tell jokes that non-treasure hunters could not understand.  We can’t very well get together around the campfire, even though that would be really great.  But I just wanted to acknowledge what a great web site the old Treasurenet was, it is all too true that you never know what you had until it is gone.

The old Treasurenet was great while it lasted, I really enjoyed the time I spent there and the great people I got to talk to.   It is now history and will never return.  Rest in peace good old Treasurenet, many of us will remember what a great spot you were for a gathering of the treasure hunters.  Sad to see you gone.

We will miss you!

Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.
PS almost forgot, here are the links for some of the other forums,

Thunting.com – this one is getting HIGH MARKS in my book, wish I had paid more attention to it sooner, but with limited time to be online, I can only really follow one forum and keep up so did not see how great this one is before now:


Lost Treasure magazine forum – the BEST treasure magazine period,(don’t take my word for it read it and see!)  the forum is still growing,

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine forum, an oldie but a goodie, LOADS of Dutchman info you won’t find elsewhere, a bit more focused on the Lost Dutchman, Peralta Stones and the Superstitions than others but worth checking out

DesertUSA a forum that covers all aspects of our beautiful desert southwest, including gold and treasure hunting but also camping, hiking, exploring, gardening etc; a smaller group but much good information; I had personally dropped out of this one due to a difference of opinion but have returned with no regrets

There are many, many others out there, I am only scratching the surface.

~ by Oroblanco on March 29, 2012.

14 Responses to “Epitaph for Old Treasurenet Forum, R.I.P.”

  1. O,

    The site is constantly changing and improving. Working on a new skin right now that I just looked at.Cant believe you say they dont listen to the members, they have made dozens of changes that members theirselves have suggested and still making the changes.

    Its your website your right to say what you want, but much of what you said is wrong…..When they asked me to be a mod, they knew I was not a big fan of the change at the time, but they asked me to be a mod anyway, I am constantly posting members requests for changes and improvements and they are implementing them as I type this……

    • Marty,
      Apparently you did not read my post; here are the relevant portions:

      The members and their wants simply do not matter to them, unless it is some widget in their beloved V-bulletin system that they can then tweak and diddle.
      I noticed that some other members were posting grumbles and complaints, which the new administrators and moderators seemed to be scrambling to correct and adjust – but only where it involved tweaking some part of the new format, not replacing the popular tools found in the old system.

      The new owners and administrators have been very active in responding to

        anything that is the matter of a tweak or diddle

      . Not in major points which they will not even consider.

      Congratulations on being made a moderator, good luck in the future with the all new Treasurenet.

  2. I would say that you got “bought out” by being made a moderator. The best way to get rid of a potential nemesis is to make them part of the party.

    You, Marty, are not qualified to say whether Oroblanco is wrong or right, as we are talking about how he feels about the site. I have to concur, as, my last day at Tnet involved a post that said “If you don’t like it – leave” – and then I found out that I cannot actually leave. I have to get permission. Hmmm, that makes the actual member count incorrect, doesn’t it?

    I, personally, am also insulted, at best – at the idea that just because I don’t like the new system, that I am an computer illiterate doult. I am not, however, I do not have the time to look through 3000 posts to find out if there has been an answer to one post I might have made. I do not, never did, look at all forum boards, and even with the handful of places I frequented, I still have to take 15 minutes to find one post. Not my cup of tea, and, MY big issue is that the new owners obviously had absolutely no idea of what the favorite features were of the old site. They did not even know what I was talking about when I asked about unread replies. They thought that if I just “subscribed” to some forum, it would take care of itself. It did not – as, I don’t post – or read, every single thing in each forum, just conversations with certain people on certain subjects. It is tedious, and, I am pretty sure that the new owners are not even treasure hunters, Marc was – and understood our little spats. Lots of stuff has disappeared in Tnet. But, that’s ok – because, THE ORIGINAL TREASURE HUNTING SITE is dead – and buried. Sad, but true.

  3. I DID NOT get bought out by being made a mod, I have been expressing my opinions to them just as I did before I was made mod. I was also asked if I wanted to be a mod by Marc before the site was sold, and again after it was sold before the format was changed.

    I am still listening to members complaints and taking them to the admins to have the changes made that the members wish made, they have not complained once about the work required to make the changes. it is the difference between night and day from what it was when it went online.

    I ‘ve also opposed the comments that were made by some members (not the admins) about if someone didnt like it then leave, and I have posted strongly opposing those comments on many threads…….

    As far as not qualified to say if his post is right or wrong, if you did not want someone to disagree, then why did you give the ability to post here, as I said in my original post it is your website your right to say what you want.

    Learning the new format is easy, it is no different than learning a new operating system, version of Outlook or new detector. What is it we always say about the secret to finding good places to detect, research, research, it is the same thing with the new format, the more time you explore the site easier the site becomes…

    With that said I will stop posting here, feel free to delete my replies if you wish with no hard feelings…

    Wish you both the best………….Come back sometime and visit ….

  4. Marty – no offense intended but what else would someone think, seeing that you had complained, then are made a Moderator and your attitude changed? It doesn’t prove that you “sold out” by any means, could be just coincidence just as you say. Not to speak for Mrs O about the point just an observation.

    I have to respectfully disagree on the comparisons you proposed, for in every one of those examples the choice to change was initiated by you (or whomever) not something forced on you. Their new system and format its not SO complex that most cannot handle it, but it is different and considerably more complex than the old one. The new system is much more customizable for the user, and some people love being able to fiddle with a whole range of settings and ‘subscribing’ to various threads, but to have to go back through over 5000 old messages and subscribe to them all so that you won’t miss when someone replies is just a little ridiculous. The new owners did not really try out the old system they pulled the plug on so I don’t believe their statements about it.

    Also – we can no longer quit them now, not of our own volition, and I know of a number of long term members that have left but the running total of members does not show this for you are still counted even if you will never be back. Perhaps it is an indicator that other forums are getting new members? Thunting.com just passed the 20,000 member mark for an example.

    I have no intention of “silencing” your words (or anyone) whether we agree or disagree, you are entitled to your opinions just as I am. The only posts I have ever blocked or deleted from this blog were SPAM or included private info that the person did not wish made public (like a phone number as an example).

    Good luck and good hunting Marty (and anyone reading this) I hope you find the treasures that you seek.

  5. Marty – this is not my blog, nor do I believe in censuring someone’s opinion, so, I’m thinking that maybe you are confusing me and Mr. O. I posted the comment about being told to like it or leave it, I posted the comment that you are not qualified to comment on someone “feelings”. Nobody, imo, is qualified to judge someone’s feelings – just their actions. I did not say that you were not qualified to disagree with his post – just not qualified to judge how he feels about the situation. I am not qualified to judge how YOU feel about Tnet – or anything else. However, it seems that you might have put yourself in the position of being the “football” – why are members complaining to you – with you having to go to the owners? Because the owners themselves are NOT receptive to non-moderators comments?

    You are 100% correct when you say it is like night and day – from the original. I have looked, for the first couple of weeks, to the “tweaks” – and I can navigate any site on any computer – but, when it is tedious, why would I want to – those other comments by the “bulldogs” who have taken to calling the discontents (like me), disparaging labels, like computer illiterates, etc., do nothing to endear me to anyone, along with the suggestions that folks will lurk and then come back – is, at best, another way to try and belittle
    former members.

    If there comes a time when the owners are smart enough to be able to put a simple program together where you can read your unread replies without spending MY valuable time – I might be back – but, I’m not holding my breath, and I sure am NOT going to keep trying to explain the fact that I do not have the time to go through 3000 posts to find one sentence.

    It seems like you are angry – and you want someone else to be angry along with you – but, frankly – I’m not angry – I’m just disappointed.

  6. LOL, Mrs O, I am not angry at all, if it appears thjat way to you my apologies…….

    No one is complaining to me. I go through the active topics , New Posts and several other boards reading, if I find people complaining I take their complaints directly to the admis and they fix the ones they have not read about yet…. Not once have they said a word to me about the members complaining, they just say ‘let me see what I can do to fix it”. I haven’t taken a singe issue to them that they havent addressed….Not once have they said “they just need to get use to it”.

    As far as lurking, there are members who do that. Silver Surfer has publiclly quit several times and returned to just view (lurk), he has denied he returned, yet his ip did… Diggit is really spooky who caused so much trouble last year and posted all the videos on facebook about treasurenet and the fake ones about marc and several other mod members….

    These people forget their ips are posted, admins can see them, members couldn’t…

    Saying someone lurks is not an insult, a “lurker” is simply someone who just reads posts and doesnt post, doesnt matter if it is someone new or an old member who quit then returned to read…

  7. Marty – just want to invite you to check out the forum at Thunting.com; I think you will like it, and it even has the “new replies” function that T-net refuses to reinstate or is incapable of doing.

    I see that you have never seen those statements like “Get used to it or get left behind” – if you take a look at some of the older threads from shortly after the plug was pulled, you will see them, and in particular referring to the New Replies function which they had NO idea what we were even talking about.

    Good luck and good hunting Marty, I hope you find the treasures that you seek!

  8. I thought I would stop in again, hope all is well with you guys.

    I looked up what you were talking about on the “get use to it” comments, those were made from members not mods or admins., also the “Subscriptions feature works the same as “my replies”, it shows you what you have posted and any replies to those posts, it works the same as my replies only with some added features……..

    I do wish you guys the best…

    • Sorry about the delay in replying, but if you read what I posted, I stated that it was the supporters of the new owners whom were making the nasty comments, not the owners. What bothered me was that the new owners said nothing about it. On the subscriptions function, yes other forums have that as well, it is fine so long as you have only a few conversations that you follow or participate in, but for me, there were literally thousands of posts. Would you want to go back through thousands of your own posts over the years, to try to subscribe to all of them? I don’t have unlimited time to be online.

      I hope all is well with you and yours, good luck and good hunting, I hope you find the treasures that you seek. I will try to post something more interesting here soon, time allowing.
      Roy ~ Oroblanco

    • Hmm, thought I had posted a reply to this but that has vanished. Anyway what I said was that I did not say the nasty comments came from the mods or admins; here is what I wrote earlier:

      Then the nasty and sarcastic remarks from the supporters of the new owners toward any member that made a complaint started to grate on me; for in the supporters view, if you love the new format they were happy, if you hate it then you must not be smart enough to run a remote for your TV. Not a great public relations method for dealing with unhappy customers.

      I am aware of the subscription function, several other forums have that as well; it is fine if you are only posting in or following a few threads, but for myself, there are literally thousands of posts over hundreds of threads. Would you like to go back through thousands of your old posts from over the years, to subscribe to them? Some of us do not have unlimited time to be on the internet, personally I strongly dislike the subscribe functions as a klunky nuisance. I wish they would bring back that old function of new replies but that ain’t gonna happen.

      I hope all is well with you, my apologies again for the delay in answering, free time has been like finding silver lately for me. Good luck and good hunting to you, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.
      Roy ~ Oroblanco

  9. TreasureNet has resumed its hostility toward members. Over 100 key members have left this month alone and started a new treasure hunting forum called TreasureIllustrated.Com

    • Thank you for the tip – I will check out the new forum. Just visited Treasurenet this evening for the first time in over a year, did not have time to go through the whole thing.

  10. How prophetic. Just stumbled onto your post today and had to check in. As a FORMER long time Treasurenet member (joined 2004), I too left around the same time. Today I went by there just for old time’s sake and was struck by the current daily post count. 207…..a SERIOUS DECLINE from the old days of over 1000 posts a day. It also appears that Treasurenet is a mere ghost of what it once was, a rubber room inhabited by trolls for the most part, unless you’re a coinshooter or collect coinrolls in search of pre 1964 quarters. Was sad to see, as it had been a terrific place to visit and share time with some very knowledgeable and friendly people. I spent a great deal of time there and enjoyed every minute. Rest In Peace Old Treasurenet.

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