The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, A Warning

Superstition Mountains Arizona
The most famous lost mine legend in the USA is probably the Lost Dutchman of Arizona.  The location where it supposedly is hidden, is one of the most beautiful and possibly most dangerous places in our country.

Now I don’t wish to sound like some kind of fear monger, but the Superstition mountains wilderness area is not a place to be flippant or careless.  I would not even be writing this but all too often we find new articles, magazines and books that proclaim the author has found the Lost Dutchman gold mine and includes directions on how to get to his (or her) location.  All well and good, for all that matters, but the problem is that some of the readers will try to follow those directions in the belief that they are going to arrive at the infamous lost gold mine.  Some of the routes that these authors prescribe for their readers to follow, in order to get to their sites, are a good hike; some routes are downright dangerous and could lead to death.

The list of people whom have died in the Superstitions mountains is pretty long already – so please dear reader, if you are heading in to those mountains and are trusting the written words of some author (online or otherwise) who claims to be leading you to the lost gold mine, do some research on what sort of terrain you are heading into.  Go prepared, do not trust what these writers will tell you for a good and safe route.  Especially those that are trying to propose a route by using satellite or aerial photographs as a guide.  These fellows have mistaken stream beds for trails, and vice-versa.  The satellite photos do NOT give you any idea of what that terrain is really like to try to travel across.

One last word of caution to you treasure hunters, and I have no wish to discourage you at all but consider this; these fellows whom are proclaiming to the world over the internet and other media, that they have discovered the famous Lost Dutchman gold mine, what are their reasons for making these claims?  Ask yourself this, if you found it, would you go proclaim it to the world, and try to give directions to any and all to get to it?  Then there is the matter of proof – for in the case of the great majority of these self-proclaimed finders of the Lost Dutchman gold mine, they never show any photos of any gold vein nor any gold, not even a decent ore specimen.  They like to give the excuse that it is illegal to do any mining in the Wilderness Area, but there is no law about taking photos.  So do your homework, do not trust the routes that some stranger on the internet and always go prepared whenever entering any wilderness area.

I have tried discussing these issues with several of these internet persons who claim to have found the Lost Dutchman gold mine and are urging the public to go look at their sites, and my warnings to be cautious, end up with making enemies out of those claimants.  I am not their enemy, just don’t want to see any more people end up dead or missing due to the trust of these stories being broadcast.  If you are one of those people, reading my words now – I hope you will realize that I am not your enemy, I want people to go explore and search for the lost mine too but don’t want to see more tragedies.

Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.


~ by Oroblanco on May 18, 2011.

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