Little Green Men

Tiny visitor

This phrase  is generally used in derision, to ridicule the notion of alien visitors to our planet.  It is not rooted in fiction however, there have been real reports of having encountered such strange things as little green men.

The most recent report I could find occurred in Minnesota, in a rural area around Grygla which is known as the “biggest town of its size” and no particular oddities that should lead anyone to jump to any conclusions.  I am not suggesting anyone should now contact the local authorities to pursue the matter, just that such a strange incident does get reported.  The little green men appeared to be chasing farm animals around in a pasture, for reasons unknown.  An even stranger incident occurred not far from my own home, north of the Black Hills, in which little green men were seen and a man vanished, which could be coincidental but if not, would be alarming.  The reports of little green men are fairly rare, perhaps in part due to the fear of ridicule any witness would face if they came forward.

In the summer of 1933 a woman witnessed a number of little green men in silvery suits walking around across the pond from her home in rural Saskatchewan.  The only thing remarkable is the coincidental fact that it was likewise a farming area, which may have some meaning.  In 1915 a little green man was captured in Puglia, Italy, after his “spaceship” crashed.  In the same year in England another sighting occurred;

A woman walking along a field one afternoon noticed some movement on a nearby brush. She expected a mouse to come out any minute, but suddenly a tiny green colored man-shaped figure wearing a red cap appeared. The tiny being remained visible for about a minute rocking back and forth on top of a leaf and then vanished.

In 1918 another incident (from same source linked above at “another sighting”) report;

Location. Fontainebleau, Quebec, Canada
Date: November 1918
Time: night
18-year old Maria Dion was returning home from a dance, and as she walked along a wooded area several short 2-foot tall green colored figures suddenly appeared and began chasing her. The creatures were very quick despite their size. She noticed that the beings wore what appeared to be helmets and uniforms. Somehow she was able to elude the little men.

In 1914 an encounter occurred in the US, which is interesting in that the little green man was killed;

Location. 2.5 miles W of Farmersville Texas
Date: early May 1914
Time: 1000A
Silbie J Latham, then 13 or 14, had gone to the fields with his two older brothers Sid and Clyde. Two dogs, Bob and Fox, accompanied them. They were “chopping cotton” when they heard the two dogs set up a “deathly howl.” The three boys walked about 75 feet to a fencerow where the dogs had something cornered. Clyde got there first and turned to the other two and said, “Boys, there’s something in there. It must be something kinda bad.” Then he said, “Boys, it’s a little man!” Silbie looked and saw a little man some 18 inches high, just standing still, staring toward the north. He was green all over and either naked or with a frogman’s type outfit on, green in color. There was a hat with a wide brim on the back of his head, but it was all of one piece with the rest of the body. He said nothing and id not even acknowledge the dogs, by now worked up to a frenzy. Right after the three boys arrived the dogs finally attacked the being, literally tearing it limb from limb. “Blood and guts went everywhere. The blood was red and the guts looked like guts look. We were all just country as hell and didn’t know what to do…the dogs just chewed him to pieces…after they killed him we just went back to hoeing.” They told their folks but no one believe them; they went back to the site several times that day, but after that they never returned. <ibid.

There have been reports of the finding of green children, who speak a strange language, often have strange clothing and are unfamiliar with common foods.  In folklore we have little green people (leprechauns, fairies etc) which are often mischievous and – or have queer “magical” powers or abilities.

If you are wondering where I am going with this, no particular point to make here.  It is one of the more curious mysteries that seems to have survived the test of time, to see small green people who may not be from here.  These witnesses of course could all be just making up stories, but there is no harm in researching the matter.  We commonly hear of the little alien “greys” and less commonly of reptilian type beings or some that look rather like hairy dwarfs, but only rarely of little green men.

If there are such things as little green men, I would love to see one or even a good photo of one.

That is it for this edition amigos, nothing exciting to report just doing research on several subjects at once, and thought perhaps the little green men might be interesting to you as they do me.  A race of beings that evolved with a greenish pigmented skin would have had some unique characteristics; perhaps their skin would have vegetative properties for example, and be capable of performing photosynthesis in an animal.  This might be an advantage for a space traveler, and of course this is pure speculation on my part, or it could have had an evolutionary advantage by providing a better camouflage to the beings when they were prey for some kind of predators.

If anyone reading this has any details on the report(s) of little green men seen in South Dakota some years ago, please feel free to contact me.

Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek – even if they are little green men!



~ by Oroblanco on April 30, 2011.

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