Summer’s end

Well summer is pretty well over amigos and my apologies for not keeping this updated. Seems that TIME has become a real bugaboo for us over the last few years especially.

We have been pretty busy working on the house, trying catch up to where we were a month ago when we had a little “setback“. We had gotten the roof about half framed up, and were working on it on a nice clear day and the phone rang. Beth (Mrs O) said we have to go right now but can be back in a few minutes. I was surprised when she took me to pick up our new family member, a little Husky pup. The mother dog had quit making milk so the pups had to go right away or they would starve, and we ended up taking two – besides I had wanted to get her one for her birthday so I took advantage of the situation. Our surprises were not over for the day however, as we pulled in our driveway we were just in time to see a freak windstorm blow up and tear our new roof right off, lifting it up and dropping it into the garden where it smashed into splinters.

The odd thing is that if the lady with the puppies had not called just then, I would have been ON that roof when the windstorm hit, so in a way the pups already “saved my life” so to speak. Anyway we are now at a point where we can catch up very soon.

Haven’t had the chance to go check out the site we got a tip on for the Lost Standoff Bar gold mine here in the hills, but hopefully before winter hits we will.

Our little garden had a rough year, with all kinds of insects (especially hoppers) hailstorms, windstorms, blights etc but even so we have gotten enough veggie produce to last most of the year. The pumpkin patch may even make a few bucks, for some reason they did really well this year despite all the problems.

Strange how things work out. The roof – puppies incident is only one of a string of such “bullet-dodging” I have had through life. Now if we had that roof done, we could have sold the house this past week to some new folks who were looking for a place and we could move either back to Arizona or on to new gold districts but oh well. Must be a reason why we haven’t gotten this wrapped up just yet.

Well that is enough of my griping, will post some interesting things soon to make up for it. Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.



~ by Oroblanco on September 7, 2009.

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