Summer’s End

I haven’t updated this for some time, been very busy over the summer trying to get a home built among other things. It was probably a mistake to plant a garden with so much work to do, but the fresh home-grown veggies were worth it – at least to me. One surprise was that the Hopi blue corn did succeed in setting ears, which I did not expect as it requires a longer growing season than what we have here in SD. The seed I planted was two years old, which is rather “dicey” for any kind of corn seed which does not keep viability well, but nearly every seed came up. Not all of the plants set ears of course, but some of those that did are impressive. So we will definitely be having fresh blue corn meal for baking etc.

Election time is slowly approaching and the two major candidates seem to drift towards the “nasty” type of tactics, which always alienates me. Smear and fear, which one party seems to enjoy wallowing in, always strikes me as just a bit Fascist. A person who sinks to the level of spreading lies and fear-mongering is not a person I want to have the highest elected office in our land. Oh well, perhaps some day enough people will realize that two choices are simply not enough choices – it is only one more than what is done under Communism.

I have not had the time to be on T-net irritating the good folks there as much either, which is probably a blessing for them. I have been feeling kind of “out of place” there more and more, so will likely taper off. Hard to believe but I joined them ten years ago, found one of my old posts on Tayopa this evening there. Maybe in winter when I will have more time, I will try to catch up with our friends there.

Didn’t manage to draw an Elk, Deer, or Antelope tag this year (neither did Mrs Oro) so any hunting I do will only be for birds. Perhaps that is a good thing anyway as we do not have the house finished, so storing any large amount of meat could be a problem, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

I have been toying with the idea of taking off for a few days on a different kind of “hunt” – as there are quite a few ‘Bigfoot’ sightings in this part of the country, it might be fun to go and see what I can find. Not to be “bragging” but I am a fairly competent hunter and ran traplines from the age of ten so have a little bit of ‘expertise’ in the field. Having successfully still-hunted and stalked whitetails (as well as Elk) I know that a key to success is discipline – keeping motion to a minimum, always track into or across the prevailing winds, keeping sounds to a minimum etc. I also know about the three most basic factors for finding any kind of game – food sources, water sources, and cover. Of course hunting something that “doesn’t exist” is a different matter anyway, but it might be fun. I would be using my old dependable Canon (camera) rather than any kind of rifle or arrow, and naturally any and all photographs would be meaningless to the scientific community but it would be to satisfy my own mind on the subject anyway. I have no desire to kill a creature that is at least extremely rare and probably not aggressive unless provoked, besides it could literally be homicide to kill one. More on this below…

The Bigfoot phenomenon is something of a paradox. There are localities with laws and regulations protecting them from harm and/or molestation, which if you think about it is a bit like saying it is illegal to shoot the Easter Bunny. The weight of the evidence does point to a real animal, but I suspect that most of the theorists are working off one false assumption – that it is most likely some descendant of the extinct Gigantopithecus ape, which would be an animal after all with quite limited intelligence. I would venture to say that it would certainly be no more intelligent than other great apes like the Gorilla family, so if this were the case it should be a simple matter for any hunter to go out and bag one with some effort and a little luck. Having studied literally thousands of reports, including a number received from the lips of eyewitnesses who have never made their incidents public, I feel it is safe to conclude that what we are calling Bigfoot is certainly no ape but a surviving primitive type of man!

As to what type of man I am suggesting, I propose three possible candidates. The first is Paranthropus Robustus, which really is more ape than man but is an upright-walking hominid. The second is Meganthropus (a sub-type of Homo Erectus? (Also see which is or rather was a primitive type of man but a tool-maker and possibly crossed the opens seas to reach Australia, so no land bridge would be required for Meganthropus to reach the Americas. The third candidate is not even recognized by many anthropologists but was named Gigantanthropus, a true giant species of primitive man described by the late Dr. Weidenreich, thought to be a type of Java man. Fossils found in China and SE Asia point to a man that stood up to twelve feet tall and weighed 1200 pounds! As shocking as these figures sound, we need only look at the length of some of the Bigfoot track prints to get an idea, for it is a general rule in hominids that the length of the foot x 6 equals the height, so some of those 24 inch tracks came from a critter that stood twelve feet tall!

Why is it that so many scientists get their hackles up when we venture into the subject of human giants? The same scientists who until recently pooh-poohed and ridiculed the idea of a Human Hobbit, until they were proven to have existed and survived perhaps into recent recorded history. In fact it would not be wise to pronounce them to be extinct, it is possible that some small populations might survive even today. Giantism is not something bizarre, it is quite natural; during the last Ice Age, there were so-called “Megafauna” examples of many large mammals even Beavers and Hogs. We even have true human giants (of our own species Homo Sapiens Sapiens however, fully modern) with recorded examples of folks who grew to enormous sizes.

So if a Bigfoot is really a hairy primitive type of Man (as in Homo paleojavanicus Meganthropus for example) then killing one would be literally committing homicide. The feature about being “hairy” is not necessarily a clue that it must be some type of Ape either, since human beings have the same number of hairs on their bodies as Chimpanzees, just that our hairs are quite “fine” and downy rather than coarse and sturdy so we don’t “look” hairy. A more primitive type of Man almost certainly would have the more primitive (coarse and sturdy) type of body hair as protection against the elements.

At least I hope that no one will go out and kill one of these critters simply to “prove” they exist to the world of science, the opinion of so many closed minds is not worth a human life. Of course if a dead body were to be discovered that would be another matter entirely, I have no problem with providing such an example to our skeptical scientists.

The way things are going, I won’t be making any kind of expedition to find a Bigfoot any time soon. But if we get this cabin put up and winter has yet not set in with a vengeance……!!!!

Well I was going to post some on UFOs to round out this babble but unfortunately don’t have time to bore you any further dear reader. Good luck and good hunting to you, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.


~ by Oroblanco on September 18, 2008.

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