The Neverending Project

As I write this, I should probably first apologize to Homer William Tell for my last post, for all I know he has found exactly what he says it is. I can say that it seems unlikely that anyone would keep a complete fraud going for so long, or simply to make fools of a bunch of treasure hunters. It is frustrating to try to understand but who knows? Maybe we will all get to read about the discoveries in National Geographic some day.

Mr Tell has in fact “upped the ante” with another detail – that the place has an ancient Amerindian ball court. Something this large should be relatively easy to find, except that it has been covered over by the sands of time. So the game goes on.

In another discussion, another treasure hunter posted a photo of an Aztec carved stone head; what is remarkable about this is that the hair of the head seems to have carved spirals in it, rather suggestive of the images of Zeus Ammon on the coins of ancient Kyrene. Yet another treasure hunter posted a good picture of Hopi women with the distinctive “squash blossom” hair style, and again those odd spirals, like the Ram’s Head with spiral horns. Is it a hint that some kind of contact took place in ancient times? I am convinced that contact was taking place, not mass contact like some of the Diffusionists propose, complete with whole mass migrations and colonizations of many people, but a very limited type of contact, rather like that described by Herodotus, quote

The Carthaginians say also this, namely that there is a place in Libya and men dwelling there, outside the Pillars of Heracles, to whom when they have come and have taken the merchandise forth from their ships, they set it in order along the beach and embark again in their ships, and after that they raise a smoke; and the natives of the country seeing the smoke come to the sea, and then they lay down gold as an equivalent for the merchandise and retire to a distance away from the merchandise. The Carthaginians upon that disembark and examine it, and if the gold is in their opinion sufficient for the value of the merchandise, they take it up and go their way; but if not, they embark again in their ships and sit there; and the others approach and straightway add more gold to the former, until they satisfy them: and they say that neither party wrongs the other; for neither do the Carthaginians lay hands on the gold until it is made equal to the value of their merchandise, nor do the others lay hands on the merchandise until the Carthaginians have taken the gold.

(From The Histories, Herodotus, Book IV, 196, 484-425 BC)

Contact like this would not likely result in a lot of evidence to be found more than two thousand years later, but could answer the otherwise puzzling questions like how it is we find ancient Egyptian mummies who when tested were found to have ingested both tobacco and cocaine, two American products, or the widespread practice of building pyramids. It makes more sense, in the case of the pyramids, for the IDEA of building them to be passed on than for us to imagine troops of Egyptians sailing to Mexico and there to build pyramids so like those in Egypt yet so different too.

So this project of writing a book on ancient explorers who reached America long before Columbus, as well as ancient Americans making the trip in the opposite direction (this is reported in Plutarch’s Moralia XII, and by a Roman historian who mentioned a group of castaways who reached Germany and taken to be “Indians”) which I began eight years ago just keeps me intrigued and looking. Perhaps I hate to end the project, my interest is so deep that I am loathe to quit looking for more evidence, more clues and more parallels to include in the book. It is my own “Neverending Project” but I hope I will find the discipline to finally wrap it all up for a publisher.

Good luck and good hunting to you, dear reader; I hope that you find the treasures that you seek.



~ by Oroblanco on May 9, 2008.

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